113 Confusing Words in English Vocabulary

113 Confusing Words in English Vocabulary
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Easily learn these often mixed up words that are spelled or sound similar or the same. Never confuse these words again!

Never confuse these 113 words again! Learn their meaning, spelling, pronunciation, and avoid the embarrassment of using them incorrectly. Do not fall in these English language traps that even native speakers get caught in every day!

Master These Easily Mixed Up Words Quickly With This Effective Course

Learn the most commonly mixed up words
Practice using the correct words
Avoid making the most embarrassing mistakes
Master the definitions of the top vocabulary
Increase the size of your English lexicon
Become competent in using the new language

Learn 113 Important English Words

These are important words because they are often mixed up and used incorrectly. So not only will you expand your vocabulary with this course, but you will automatically reduce the number of mistakes you make. Now, as an English language learner, making mistakes will always be a part of your learning process, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Mistakes are important and necessary in furthering your language education. But the kind of mistakes made when using incorrect words, especially these common errors, are the kind that can make you look bad, not well educated, and can leave lasting negative first impressions. This is especially true for business English.


The confusing words are grouped mostly as two- or three-word sets, and there are five sets in each lesson. So there are 10-12 words per lesson, and no more than one or two definitions are presented for each word. Having any more details would make it impossible for you to remember. This allows you to have a manageable amount of information within one lesson that you can actually memorize. So I highly recommend that you take no more than one lesson in one or two days.

After each definitions presentation, you have a cheat sheet that you can print or look at as a quick reminder. That is followed by a pronunciation exercise that lets you “repeat after me” and practice pronouncing the main words and their example sentences.

Learning and Remembering

As you know, English words can have dozens of different meanings depending on the context or the part of speech (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives…) Trying to learn all of this at once is completely counterproductive. While it may give some people a momentary sense of sudden knowledge, it simply doesn’t work. If it did, anyone could learn a language by reading a vocabulary!

Other key ingredients in the process of learning a language are practice and repetition. In this course, you have a quiz that includes every presented definition of the word. This gives you practice opportunities. I also strongly recommend that you review (repeat) the previous lesson’s words before starting the next lesson. The easiest way is to do the previous quiz again. Repeating what you’ve learned several times will help you solidify your new knowledge. If you don’t, you will forget as much as 80% of it by the time you have an opportunity to use it.

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