Shaolin Kung-fu

Shaolin Kung-fu by Cai Liuhai
English, Chinese | Jan. 1992 | ISBN: 7540102462 | 159 Pages | PDF | 12.8 MB

With profuse illustrations and brief text this pictorial album introduces well over 100 routines of Shaolin martial arts (Kung-fu), including boxing, broadsword, spear, sword, Qigong breathing exercise, Neigong internal exercise and Tongzigong children’s exercise, with special emphasis on pictures showing, section by section, how to practice the representative Shaolin broadsword, spear, cudgel and boxing routines. With photo-taking assisted by Shaolin Monastery’s Kung-fu monks and a preface written by the monastery’s abbot Shi Deqan, the album is an excellent guide to mastery of the essential points of Shaolin Kung-fu.

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