12 Basic Exercises for The Energy Generation (Method of Bruce Lee)

12 basic exercises for the energy generation (method of Bruce Lee) by Sergey Matyushkov
English | Jan. 19, 2014 | ASIN: B0098NM2UG | 87 Pages | PDF/EPUB | 3.78 MB

This book is devoted to the development of phenomenal strength that is many times superior to the physical capacity of a common man.

Everyone knows how important for bodybuilding and martial arts the psychological orientation is. When focusing on the internal human body processes a person is able to consciously control these processes. Arnold Schwarzenegger frankly admitted in an interview that during the bodybuilding exercise he focuses so deeply thereon and actually falls into trance.

Another master Bruce Lee remarked the high efficiency of these exercise, and often practiced them. We can see in his third movie some elements of exercises contained in this book, shoved by Bruce Lee.

Due to the exercise contained in this book the physical body accumulates strength and energy. These exercises are operable in bodybuilding, in the practice of martial arts, as well as for the individual creative potential enhancement.

The offered to the reader book allows for training and thinking of Western people and is adapted to their level. The book will be useful for high readership, both newcomers and deeply involved in bodybuilding and martial arts, and will allow them to understand the inner meaning of the exercise they do.

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