Exploring the Arts

Exploring the Arts
Longacre Press | 1961 | ISBN: N/A | English | 200 pages | PDF | 37 MB

There is no end to exploration. One discovery leads to another; whether on land, sea, in space or in the vast realms of literature, painting, music, theatre and films. The arts of man are his greatest achievement, and the only means by which we can understand his past and present. The arts, if you like, are the record of the best things in life. However, this book is not designed to stun you with loads of knowledge and information. It is not a conventional catalogue of who wrote what and when : The mood is sometimes serious, sometimes gay but the aim is simple a�� to share with the reader those very special enthusiasts and delights which the arts in all their variety unfailingly arouse in all those who explore them.

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